Saturday, March 3, 2012

(MommyJD) Kiss the Cook

In addition to my kids, hair care, and coupons, cooking has become my latest and greatest hobby. And Lord I never thought I'd actually say that. But yes, since becoming a bonafide homemaker and mother of two, I have gone from microwaving easy mac to making gourmet dishes from scratch. Lately my recipe collection has grown tremendously and I really am enjoying my creations, such as chicken empanadas, red velvet cupcakes, and tikka masala, just to name a few.

The desire to learn to cook better stemmed from my acceptance of the old school gender role of women as the household cook. As a newlywed I could only rotate my staple dishes of catfish, lasagna, mexican lasagna, spaghetti, fettucini alfredo- hmmm I guess all this pasta is the reason why I gained so much weight during my mid-20s. I digress.

Anyway, a slight nudge and a few subtle hints from my hubby and I realized I needed to expand my portfolio. So over the last 5 years I have come up with some awesome concoctions. My most recent claims to fame, including homemade pizza, fish tacos, and crab cakes, are courtesy of monthly rendezvous with Trader Joe's. That store screams yummy goodness.

Fortunately my husband likes just about everything I cook. He's a gracious eater, even when my experimenting goes awry. My son however is not so gracious. He's the type of child you have to sneak vegetables to by cooking them with other foods. Lately I've been putting ground flax seed in his oatmeal and applesauce and telling him that it's cinnamon.

My goal is to mold my baby girl into a more adventurous eater. I can already tell she loves to eat. I make her food from scratch as well and we haven't found a food she doesn't like. Even when she was sick, loss of appetite was not one of her symptoms. I recently started reading a book called Hungry Monkey that I saw Neil Patrick Harris talking about on The Chew. It's a good read about giving babies more than just fruit and vegetable purees. Now I can't wait for KJ to eat a pureed version of my enchiladas and spicy stir fry!

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