Wednesday, March 7, 2012

(MommyJD) Hump Day Randomisms

I used to call this series "The Bump's Hump Day Randomisms" but seeing as how I am no longer sporting a bump, I'll stick to the generic "Hump Day Randomisms" (until I think of something more clever). Here are a few things on my mind that are not long enough to be their own post.
  • If my husband rolls over with his back to me when he hears the baby crying in the middle of the night ONE MORE TIME...he will be rudely awakened with a foot to his backside.
  • Why do people (usually of the older persuasion) avoid the self-checkout line at the grocery store like it's the plague? There will be a line 10 deep (along with 10 full carts) and no waiting at the self-checkout and I will see people peek over and then end up choosing the longer line. Why, just because there is a human touching your groceries and taking your money? Don't be afraid of technology people!
  • I recently redeemed a Groupon for a facial at a spa near my home. The facial was great but I could only chuckle on the inside at the esthetician who recommended that I 1) buy these expensive ass products because that's what my face "needs" and 2) come in at least once a month for a facial. Trick, if I could afford to do all that would I really be shopping on GROUPON! 
  • "As Seen on TV"- I am a marketer's dream come true. I do not often watch commercials or informercials, but I will occasionally catch them while at the gym. And I must have every thing I see. I have a wish list a mile long for everything from Pajama Jeans to Wen to Slice-O-Matic. Hide yo phones, hide yo wallet.
  • Anyone out there watch The Office? It hasn't been that funny since Michael Scott left but Pam (and sometimes Darryl) keep me watching. The episode where she was talking about texts and question marks was HILARIOUS! My synopsis would not give it justice so here's the video: Pam and the Art of Texting 
Two questions marks is kind of aggressive. It's like "WHA WHA!" lmao
Happy Hump Day!

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