Why Milk in a Martini Glass?

Motherhood can be nuts.  

Nuts. Nuts. Nuts.  

As someone who is a self proclaimed "shitty multi-tasker"  there have been many days (as you will read) where I literally haven't had time to eat anything but chocolate chip cookies because my days are jammed packed from 5:00 am - 10:00 pm.   To be fair, my sister would likely say the true source behind my action packed days is my anal retentiveness.  And compulsiveness.  Heck, I admit that I like things done my way.  But for the most part, I have come to realize that in order to keep my sanity and sense of self (while being the best person that I can be for my family) I've had to let go of an unrealistic sense of what being the perfect wife, mother, or woman looked like.  Motherhood is simply the most complicated balancing act anyone could experience and to find that balance, it takes letting go of our conventional ideas of what it means to be "perfect"  and simply doing the best that we can -- even if that means that we end up serving the baby breastmilk in a martini glass or end up drinking a cocktail from a bottle.  At the end of the day, as long as our families are provided for, who cares if the presentation is less than perfect?

Who's MommyJD (and the other writers on the blog)?

One of the best things that I've learned so far is that motherhood works much easier when you have a mental, physical, and spiritual support system.  Husbands are wonderful.  Parents are awesome.  But sometimes you need a girlfriend who will give you unsolicited honest advice, be an ear to listen, give you a "Go Get 'Em Tiger" speech when you need it.  I've been blessed with a handful of people who are all of the above and one of those people in particular, a friend who I will call 'MommyJD', became infamous during my pregnancy for sweeping in with the perfect tid-bit of random advice at the right time.  For that reason, when the time came to create another blog I figured she was the perfect person to drag along for the ride.

I am suddenly surrounded by so many awesome women who are trying to navigate this thing called "motherhood" and my hope is that "Breastmilk in a Martini Glass" will be a safe haven for any woman who has a funny or inspirational story to tell (or even if you just need to vent).   What I have learned is that sometimes it helps simply to know that you aren't the only one or the first person to experience a particular challenge.  In that spirit, I hope that the stories that you read on "Breastmilk in a Martini Glass" make you think, smile, and laugh.
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