The Martini Mommas

2 Karats and a Kid
I love God, my family, hot cocoa, and good wine.  These four things are my secrets to happiness.  I managed to marry the one man that I still have a "crush" on and together we created the coolest little guy in the world, Roman.  Our Cocker Spaniel, Capone, completes our family tree - so as you might imagine, I spend much of my time wiping up and dodging pee, since I am the only girl in a house of three boys!

In less than two years, I have gone from a "single lady" to a wife and mother. So figuring out how to balance the two roles without giving up my sense of self has been a daunting task.  I spent about two days trying to breastfeed, cook dinner, and vacuum while in high heels and lingerie before I said, "To hell with this! Pass me my jogging pants, a frozen pizza, and a phone so I can call a maid"!!

Deep down, I'd like to think of myself as a city girl with a country girl's values.  My dream is to one day escape the concrete jungle and take my family somewhere where there are trees, birds, and a lake to jump in.  Until then, my outlet from the craziness of my life is to share my stories and experiences for others to relate to, laugh at, and enjoy!

I am a wife, mother, lawyer, writer, and a dreamer. My son Gr is 3.5 years old and he is such a ball of love and charm- he is truly my sour patch kid. I love him so much I decided to give him a playmate! His sister KJ aka Ladybug was born 9 days after his birthday!  I love my family to pieces and I consider taking care of them to be my one true job- lawyering is just something I went to school for that I do on the side. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love to shop.  I sometimes still wonder what I am going to do when I grow up, but in the meantime in between time, I shall share with the world my stories of motherhood- including every joy, pain, disappointment, and triumph!
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