Thursday, March 8, 2012

(2 Karats and a Kid) International Women's Day: Treat yo' self, don't cheat yo' self.

It’s not often that the world comes together to celebrate women outside of rap videos, exotic movies and brothels. So on this day – International Women’s Day 2012 – I believe that women everywhere should celebrate themselves for the awesomeness that it means to be a woman.    We endure first loves and pregnancies.  We learn to cook global cuisines and wear dangerously high stilettos.  We do all of this because we have been blessed with a propensity to give extraordinary amounts of love to people outside of ourselves.

And though we make it look effortless, we know the truth.

Being a woman ain’t easy …but somebody’s got to do it.

Buy yourself that mocha latte today.  Even treat yourself to that pumpkin loaf.  All day long, feel free to swing your hair and say “girl”, “girlfriend”, and “bff” as much as you please.

You’ve earned it.  Finally, not having a penis has its benefits!

Rub your un-flat tummy and thank it for supporting your arms all these years.

Unclip that bra and allow gravity to do what it’s going to do.

Don’t freak over that chipped nail, put that bikini wax on hold, and it’s okay…just for today… to act like you are sleep tonight.

Pull your thighs apart, lean back, and sit like all the men around you.

Ask your mate if you look skinny in those pants and tell him that the answer needs to be yes.

Celebrate you for being you because we don’t get enough opportunities to do just that.

For a day, don’t consider that other girl in the office your enemy but a friend.  Understand that she, like you, simply wants love, a good massage, a martini, and a friend to talk to.
Let’s be kind to ourselves and others today. Tomorrow will be here soon enough and there will be more than enough reasons to fuss, shout, and pout.

Count your blessings and not your troubles.   Say a prayer for women who you know (and those you don’t ) because we all share common struggles.

Most of all, be grateful for who God made you to be.  Hug yourself.  Love yourself. Treat yourself.  And just for today, don’t cheat yourself from having exactly what it is that you want.  

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Treat yo' self 2012, coming soon!

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