Saturday, March 19, 2011

(Mommy JD) The Pregnant and Hungry vs. The Difficult and Cranky

Due to the cold, my pregnancy, and sicknesses on both our parts, my son has unfortunately spent most of the winter months indoors. And even though he has tons of toys to play with at home, I really felt bad that I hadn't taken him to any special activities, museums, or play places. Thus, for weeks I had planned to take him to the DuPage Children's Museum (Groupon) with his friend A. So despite my lack of sound sleep, sinus issues, and various pregnancy ailments (sciatica) I got up early this morning to get us up and over to Naperville by the time the museum opened.

My son played like he had been freed from shackles! We had been to this particular museum once before, but that was over a year ago and of course he didn't remember. But even if he did, it didn't matter- he could play in that museum day after day and not get bored. Especially the water and bubble tables. My baby LOVES water, and has been asking to play in the water all winter. We've tried to teach him about the seasons and how it's just too cold to play with water, even indoors. So playing at this water table was an extra special treat. I only pulled him away because he was SOAKED and we needed to move our day along.

As we left I figured he would probably fall asleep in the car since we were an hour away from home. And I prepared myself to entertain him for the rest of the day until bedtime. But to my surprise he stayed awake the entire drive home. Interesting, I thought. Maybe now he'll nap for two hours or so while I get some rest too. So in the house we go, straight upstairs for our nap time routine. I read him a story and rocked him while he drank his milk. I kept rocking him. I fell asleep a little bit. I kept rocking. After about 20 minutes he tells me to put him in the bed. I'm no fool, but I was hopeful, so I put him in the bed despite my past experience with putting him in his bed while he's wide awake. Ever since he's been in a toddler bed, he just gets right out whenever he wants to and starts playing with his toys.

I went to lay down in my bed and my husband came in to lay down with me. Of course I heard Gr playing with his toys but I closed my eyes tighter and hoped that daddy would handle it. Eventually daddy gets up and tells him to go to sleep. To my surprise the noise stopped and soon I drifted off to sleep- for a few minutes. My husband left and I still heard silence. Then my astute hearing detects movement and gibberish coming from my son's room. So I got up, walked down the hallway, and opened his door in amazement. This boy had all of his toys piled up on his bed. Clearly my son thinks he has outsmarted his parents (and I guess he had) by realizing "if I don't make any noise, they'll think I'm asleep."

At this point I was starving (hunger creeps up on you like a beast when you're pregnant) and I didn't even care that he deceived me by not taking a nap. I just wanted to go get something to eat. But after taking him to the museum to play, and then letting him play some more when he got home, this child had the nerve to be uncooperative. I had to change his diaper- he rolled all over the floor. Then he wouldn't let me put a diaper on so I had negotiate and finally he put on a pull-up. Time to put pants on. "NO! No pants on!" No pants on? Boy I am STARVING, would you come on please. I felt an ugly mama moment coming on. So I scooped him up, with only a t-shirt and pull-up on, and threw (ok, firmly placed) him in his carseat. I tossed his pants and coat on top of him and off we went to the Sonic Drive Thru. I've been craving slushies lately and nothing satisfies that better than a Sonic chiller or limeade. Delish. And my son happily kicked his bare legs in the backseat as I ordered him some tator tots and we drove back home.

The food was worth the tantrum. For both of us.

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