Saturday, March 5, 2011

(Mommy JD) Potty Dancin on a Cold Snowy March Day

So today was our Pull-Ups Potty Party. I gathered with my local mommy friends who all have 2 or 3 year olds resisting this important milestone of be potty trained. Do I really think that doing this silly potty dance will help my son keep his butt on the potty? Not at all. But I’m a sucker for freebies and random excuses to have playdates so I just had fun with it. Plus I am not even a believer of Pull-Ups as a means to potty train (Supernanny frowns upon Pull-Ups).

It didn't help that my child has caught yet ANOTHER cold this weekend and passed it along to me. After falling asleep at 8pm last night and waking up at 2am to never return to sleep (Why can't you go to sleep you ask? Snoring husband, kicking fetus, runny nose, you name it) I was exhausted.

But the party actually turned out to be fun. I have a former preschool teacher in my mom group so she did the potty story-time and did a great job. Unfortunately the moment after everyone left my son told me he needed a diaper change. Sigh. One day.

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