Wednesday, March 16, 2011

(Mommy JD) The Bump's Hump Day Randomisms

Happy Hump Day! Here are some randomisms from my bump and I:
  • I miss the UPS guy. Due to our high-tax-bill, my-car-needs-fixin, low-cash budget, I have not seen him in quite a long time. So today I had to treat myself to a purchase- I just love to shop and click.
  • I don't know what was more gross- how long my child's toenails were or the fact that I clipped them right before he went to bed....while he was in the bed. I'll vacuum it up, don't judge me.
  • This morning my baby was kicking like she was angry. I wonder if babies in utero get angry? Like what could possible make her upset? The way I see it, life in the womb is the bomb. It's like living in a jacuzzi with an all you can eat buffet.
  • Things with my husband and his mistress (Alpha Phi Alpha) are still hot and heavy. He has precisely 19 more weeks until the affair must come to an end.
  • I CANNOT STAND the senior citizens that patron at the community center where my son goes to preschool. I do not discriminate against old people, I just have a general phobia and annoyance for them.
  • My butt hurts- and it's not hemorrhoids, trust me. It's just my big ol butt having to sit in uncomfortable chairs all day. I have a Spelman seat cushion (no idea why I have one) that I think I'll start carrying around with me.
  • I always want Culvers for lunch and I always forget the coupons for Culvers at home. Sadly even a coupon lover like myself will not forgo the buttery goodness of a Culvers hamburger just because I left the $1 coupon at home. Especially not today.

UPDATE: I most definitely got my Culvers on for lunch. If you sign up for their email list, they send you a coupon for BOGO Value Basket!!

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