Tuesday, March 1, 2011

(Mommy JD) What you talkin 'bout Gregory?

Is my son the only one who talks to himself? I’m up early (well earlier than him) in the office checking emails and I can literally hear him talking to himself. And I don’t mean just jibberish or singing. I mean this boy is having a full out conversation with himself- or an imaginary friend who shares his same name. I’ve heard him do this before too. He does it a lot when he’s sitting in timeout. “Why time out Gregory? Why time out?” “Cause....not being nice.” Obviously he is mimicking the conversation his father has with him when he puts him in time out. It makes me chuckle every time. He also talks himself down from being afraid. “Don’t worry Gregory, it’s ok.” Or “Stop crying Gregory, stop crying.”

Okay, maybe he’s reading to himself right now. I can’t really decipher what he’s saying. But his little chipmunk voice sounds so cute- I love that he’s talking more. And I know he loves it too because clearly most of the time he is just talking to hear himself talk. My only concern is where a 2 year old learns to lie. A prime example is the potty. Q: "Gregory, did you pee pee in the potty?" A: "Yeah!" (He did not.) Q: "Gregory, did you boo boo?" A: "No, no boo boo." (He did). Okay, maybe he's not lying. Maybe he's just in denial- another set back of this whole potty training process. I digress....

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