Wednesday, April 18, 2012

(MommyJD) Hump Day Happy Hour

Anybody else need a drink?? I know I'm not the only one. It's been a long month already. My friend Mommy, M.D. told me last night that her two girls had pushed her to drinking. I was envious that she had red sangria on hand. I don't have anything but my husband's Bud Lite and that is not my kind of drink.

I'm also jealous that Mommy, M.D. was able to do something that I often struggle with- backing up a threat. She told her older daughter (age 4) that if she did an unwanted behavior one more time that she would pack up her entire room and take away all her toys. Testing her mother as all little kids like to do, the little girl did it again. Mommy, M.D. stormed in the room and packed it up in 7 minutes flat! I was so impressed when she told me that, my jaw literally dropped. Damn Mommy, M.D.! That is some gangsta mommy ish.

So even though it's only Wednesday and it's barely noon, I am imagining how lovely it would be to take a sip of some "mommy juice." Of course I'm not going to actually do that (not while the kids are awake anyway) but a mother can dream can't she? Forget Calgon, Moscato take me away....

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