Thursday, May 12, 2011

(Mommy JD) I wish you would just “sat” down somewhere

Yes I said “sat” instead of “sit” and I can just hear one of my NC Sorors saying that exact phrase to me. So I’m sitting down to do exactly that and write this post. It’s a good time to pause in my long busy day because my child is asleep and I’m conditioning my hair. I’m sitting at my computer half-naked because (drumroll please) summertime is officially here! (read: it’s hot as all hell). But I’m not complaining! I mean, it would be nice if when I turned the air conditioning on my husband wouldn’t turn it off before we go to bed, leaving me to believe that it’s nice and cool in this house until- bam!- early afternoon hits and it’s almost 90 degrees outside and inside. But it’s all good because like I said, I’m half naked.

I’m 6 months pregnant (29 weeks today) and that plus the heat comes swollen, sensitive feet. Hence why I needed to sit my but down instead of walking around this house barefoot. But I’m trying to get us ready for a long drive to Atlanta tomorrow to see my sister-in-law graduate from college. SPELMAN COLLEGE to be precise, my alma mater. And what makes it more exciting is that the FLOTUS Ms. Obama herself is the commencement speaker. So if I can just get through this 12 hour (probably more like 15) drive then it will be all good. My mommy friend/real estate agent/doctor told me I need to stop every two hours to walk around or I could get a blood clot. Ouch. And here I am only worrying about how to entertain Gr instead of thinking about myself (I tend to do that a lot). I’ve already had a busy morning getting DVDs from the library, snacks from the drugstore, packing- and now I’m about to do my hair and pack my husband’s suitcase (yes I am a good wife). But for real, I need to just sat down somewhere because it’s hot and my feet hurt! Once everything is done I will probably pass out. I’m sure that’ll be around 6pm so I hope my husband is home because I’m about to let Gr sleep as long as he wants to (probably 3 hours) which means he won’t want to go to bed until 10 or 11pm. It’s a choice, and I made it because my mother-in-law is already gone and I need the naptime break.

Okay, I gotta get up because if I stay sitting down for too long, I will never get up and I’ll fall asleep with this conditioner cap on my head looking a hot mess....

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