Wednesday, May 18, 2011

(Mommy JD) The Bump's Hump Day Randomisms

Oh, would you look at that. It's Wednesday again. Here's what the bump and I are pondering this dreary Wednesday.
  • When we left for Atlanta we had the air conditioning on. When we returned from Atlanta we had to turn the heat on. There is something very wrong with that. Why do I live in Chicago again? (Oh yeah, because my husband loves this city).
  • Mrs. Michelle Obama is the bomb dot com.
  • Check out my husband's post on SC Commencement
  • We are inches close to getting Gr fully potty trained. 1 down, 2 to go. (Get it?)
  • Friday I will be 30 years old and 30 weeks pregnant. Yea for ladybug and I!
  • I have consumed so much fast food the past few days that I vowed this week to not eat any fast food. Maybe I can last for the rest of the month. Wish me luck.

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