Monday, February 21, 2011

(Mommy JD) Who’s watching your kid?

So today is President’s Day. Which really means nothing unless you work for the government or have a child in public school. Gr’s daycare follows the school district’s calendar so no preschool for him today. Around 8:05am my husband (who doesn’t have to keep track of pesky things like the preschool schedule) asked me when I was going to wake up Gr. The first thing that came to my mind was our awful bedtime battle last night. “He can sleep!”

A mom in my “Mommy Group” called me last night and told me to bring Gr over to play this morning. So when he finally wakes up I take our time getting ready, trying to avoid any tantrums. I take him over to what think is a playdate. But when we arrive the mom tells me that I don’t have to stay! Now, normally I would be out the door in a heartbeat. But with our delicate relationship as of late, I stay to make sure that Gr is alright. Then another boy from his preschool/playgroup gets dropped off- and I do mean dropped off. His mom left the car running. Yeah. So I sneak out even though I really don’t have anything to do. I don’t have to work this morning but I come home anyway. My husband is skeptical at the host mom offering to watch our kids- he thinks it’s social currency. We’ll see. For now, I’ll catch up on my coupon blogs....

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