Monday, February 21, 2011

(Mommy JD) Bedtime Battle

My son Gr and I are going through a bit of a rough patch. If we were married then I might suggest counseling. But since he is 2 years old and I am the parent, that won’t exactly work out. So for now (and for probably a while) Supernanny will be my guidance counselor and go-to person for those frequent moments when I am clueless as to handle my son.

Last night we had an epic bedtime battle. Since he woke up late this morning and didn’t really do anything all day, I let him go all day without a nap. Usually when he doesn’t nap he easily goes to bed around 7pm without any protest. Last night was totally different. Daddy was MIA (a new hobby: basketball) so I had to do it alone. We read books, said our prayers, and turned on the turtle constellation light. But that didn’t do it. He refused to lay down and incessantly repeated “I donwanna go bed.” So I decided to rock him, something I usually reserve for only naptime but I figured this was one of those necessary times. But then he protested me rocking him! He squirmed and wanted to read more books. So I had to talk him down- talk about our day and what we would do the next day. He said “no” to everything that came out of my mouth but finally he drifted off to sleep.

After about 20 minutes (usually long enough) I got up to lay him in the bed. But clearly I wasn’t quick enough because he popped up and protested again. So I rocked him again, only this time he was only barely sleep. I pleaded with him to let me put him in the bed but he refused. Then it got ugly. I put him in his bed anyway. He got up and ran to the door. I tried to keep the door closed. He screamed. I went back in his room and laid him down again. I sat in front of his bed and blocked him from getting out as he constantly repeated “I donwanna go bed!” I laid down on the floor and covered my ears. He sat next to me chanting the same thing “I donwanna go bed!” So on and so forth, more tears, more fighting.....until finally daddy came home to save the day.

I have accepted the fact that Gr listens to his daddy more than me. It doesn’t even bother me really. We both have our roles. What’s scary is when daddy isn’t here and I can’t handle the situation on my own (or at least I don’t think I can.) Get it together mommy!

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